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What did Ahsoka learn from Anakin?

What did Ahsoka learn from Anakin?


Obi-Wan speaking with The Jedi Council via Hologram — Star Wars: The Clone Wars


I thought now, would be good time to reflect on what Ahsoka learned from Anakin while she was his padawan. Perhaps, this can help us understand her character better, as we now see her in Star Wars Rebels.

Ahsoka giving the ‘go-ahead’ to Rex to ‘spring the trap’ on the Separtist fleet — Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Ahsoka learned strategies from Anakin as in: how to outwit their Separatist adversaries.

Obi-Wan and Anakin speaking to the Onderon Rebels — Star Wars: The Clone Wars

How to teach others
Ahsoka obtained the skillset to teach others how to pass-on the necessary skills in battle and on the frontlines from Anakin and Obi-Wan.

Anakin speaking to Ahsoka about why he is going to look for Master Plo Koon and his troops — Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Leave No One Behind
Ahsoka learned from Anakin that every life is important — especially those that are in danger.

Ahsoka and the captured Younglings — Star Wars: The Clone Wars

How to survive under impossible odds
When Ahsoka was kidnapped by the Trandojians for sport, Ahsoka relied on what Anakin taught her, to not only survive in that hostile environment, but to encourage those around her as well.

Ahsoka clarifying with Anakin on disobeying orders — Star Wars: The Clone Wars

When it is ok to disobey an order

Ahsoka learned from Anakin that it was alright to disobey an order from the Jedi Council when circumstances warranted.

So what else do you believe Ahsoka learned from Anakin?

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