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2015: A Spouse Odyssey Part IV – A New Hope

This year, I’ve decided to assemble friends to watch one Star Wars movie a month and to watch the whole saga as a lead-in to the The Force Awakens. I’ve also decided to drag my wife into it. She has no emotional connection to any of the films and hasn’t really paid attention when she has watched…


Star Wars issues #7 and #8 Delayed

For those of you who have enjoyed a monthly dose of Marvel’s Star Wars comics, you may be sad to learn that Star Wars issues #7 and #8 have been delayed. Issue #7, an Obi-Wan one shot adventure set on Tatooine, was originally planned for release on July 8 but has been pushed back three…


Hate Casual – Awakening the Prequel Shadethrower

“Keep your distance, Chewie. But don’t look like you’re trying to keep your distance.” As a recently rehabilitated Prequel fan, perhaps I’m a little sensitive to perceived and ill-informed insults against Episodes I-III. In all the awesome reveals in the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle, pattern of shade being thrown…


Mark’s MARVELous Star Wars SPOILER-y Review

Most websites stick to the same format for comics reviews: Day-of-release, spoiler-free or spoiler-light reviews. Since I am well behind as a mail subscriber (usually 1-2 weeks after street date), I obviously can’t do the same thing. So, from now on, I’ll be assuming that our readers have already read them and discussing them in…


Ghosts of the Past. . . and the Future?

Upon the Digital releases of the Star Wars films, the usual debates about the merits of the Prequels and the edits in the Special Editions of the Original Trilogy have popped up everywhere on social media. There were even rumors, which have since been debunked, that Han would once again shoot first (the 2009 BluRay…

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