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Star Wars


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | Details Leaked?

Now that didn’t take too long, did it? As I’m sure most of you already know, the internet has been flooding with new LEAKS concerning the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story film set for release this December. That said, what do YOU think about this new wave of intel? Does it “make or…


BB-8 Meets His #1 Fan & Has His Flight Ruined?

Ok, after viewing this adorable advertisement via ‘Vanity Fair’ for non other than the spectacular ANA BB-8 Jet, I couldn’t help but to share it here with all of you. Hope you find it to be “totes adorbs” too! Here’s our loveable BB-8 meeting his #1 fan aboard his first class flight on the ANAN BB-8…


The Cantina Cast & Indiana Comic Con!

Hold on to your butts … The Cantina Cast is packing-it-up and heading to Indiana Comic Con! Yes, that’s right! The Cantina Cast will be presenting a Star Wars infused panel on Friday night, April 29th — “Tell that to Kanjiclub!” So, if you happen to be in the area or are planning to attend…


C-3PO: The Phantom Limb

The mystery behind C-3PO’s “red arm” has been revealed, finally! C-3PO #1 hit stores (and digital) on Wednesday, April 13th — the long-awaited explanation behind “golden rod’s” new appendage has been exposed!


Felicity Jones & Star Wars: ‘Force for Change’

Star Wars: ‘Force for Change’ — Your chance to WIN an autographed Rogue One Stormtrooper Helmet! Every donation counts and makes a difference towards Star Wars: ‘Force for Change.’ Felicity Jones speaks out to the community and even makes a very special announcement regarding an exciting opportunity for each person that makes a charitable contribution!

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