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Entering the Escape Pod of the Ghost

I’d like to think that here, at The Cantina Cast we are an opinionated lot, and a lot of the time, we don’t agree with each others opinions. It’s one of the reasons the podcast is so entertaining and why the blogs are so riveting; they involve a wide array of different people and varying…


Shroud of Mystery

“The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see the future is.”  No truer words could be spoken right now, Master Yoda. The future is impossible to see and The Force Awakens has left us with many unanswered questions that Episode VIII and IX will hopefully answer, Who is Rey/Finn? Why did Luke leave?(a topic which…


Poor Phasma & Phenomenal Poe

Before I start this blog post…Happy New Year! I hope it will be a good one with significantly more ups than downs. I hope you will all continue to support us all here in ‘The Cantina’ as it promises to be a massive year. I hope you have all got your healthy fix of Force…


Thinking of Tarkin

The Star Wars universe is a vast universe full of amazing people, locations, and life-changing technology. The universe is the perfect mixture of Science Fiction and Fantasy. The Star Wars universe is full of laser pistols, lightsabers, and planets, that can be reached in a couple of hours. All this tech, of course, is mixed…


Were The Separatists actually that BAD?

The other night I sat watching the 8th episode in the Netflix original series ‘Narcos’, for those who have not seen it and is interested in crime shows, you should check it out. However, at the end of the episode, DEA Agent Steve Murphy said a quote that I wholeheartedly agree with, “Good and Evil…


Boba Fett – Who Could Play Him?

Hello, this’ll be my first post here on The Cantina Cast! Quick introduction: My name is Andy, I’m 20, Irish, a college student and an aspiring comic writer….Oh yeah, and I’m obsessed with Star Wars and have been from a young age. I love everything about the galaxy far, far away:  the movies, shows, comics and most…

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