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Idiot’s Array


Idiot’s Array Episode 6: The Rancor Gang

Alan, Ryder and Mark welcome Cantina Cast blogger and Administrative Consultant, Becca Benjamin In this episode: Dark Disciple The Jedi Council’s decision to kill Count Dooku Quinlan Vos compared to Anakin Skywalker Quinlan Vos and Asajj Ventress relationship Asajj Ventress’s character Kanan bridging the Gap between the Clone Wars and the Rebellion If you have…


Episode 91: The Obi-Wan Dissection Part I

Mike and Joao are joined by Cantina Cast blogger Andy to dissect one of the holy saga’s most beloved characters, Obi-Wan. In this episode: Episode I Obi-Wan Episode II Obi-Wan Young Obi-Wan’s fighting skills Obi-Wan the right choice for Anakin? Was Obi-Wan selfish?   If you have comments or questions for the show, send it…


Idiot’s Array Episode 3: The Jedi who left

  Join Alan, Ryder, and Mark as the explore the reasoning behind: the few or the ‘wayward’ to have left the Jedi Order. They have a lively discussion on: Anakin Skywalker’s reasons for leaving and then, end up discussing the Jedi who abandoned the Jedi ways because of order 66.


Idiot’s Array Episode 2: ‘Pairs’ in the Force

  “Hello, what do we have here?” And now, the three cards that trump all others, welcome you back ,to their playing table for a second round of Sabacc! In this show … Alan, Mark, and Ryder discuss … ‘PAIRS’ of the force, in other words, the pairing between Master and Padawan/Apprentice. So go ahead…



… “He’s a card player, gambler, scoundrel. You’d like him.” – Han Solo Hello, what do we have here? Please, we’d be honored if you’d join us for a game of Sabacc. First time, you say? Ah … beginner’s luck. Or perhaps, Lando will be kind enough to spare some of that so called ……

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