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The Emperor’s Web of Lies: The Emperor Killed Yoda

The Emperor’s Web of Lies: The Emperor Killed Yoda   I don’t know if you would call it an epiphany but I will. After reading the Darth Vader comic books, watching the season 2 premiere of Rebels, and rethinking some classic scenes in the original trilogy; I have come to the conclusion that the Emperor…


Passing of a Torch

Passing of a Torch (Legacy) Could there be more to the passing of the torch theory in the new Star Wars movies than just having to find younger actors to take up the action on screen?  Perhaps it is not a ceremony, much like we see at the end of Episode IV, but a destiny….


Toppling Avatar Blog 2

  Welcome back to part two of how Episode VII can topple Avatar atop the box office.  We are going to take a look at each Star Wars movie and how it did in its original run in movie theatres. One thing we have to remember at this point is inflation and how many movie theaters there…


How Can Episode VII Topple Avatar?

To many Star Wars fans, I’m sure this topic won’t be a big deal.  I mean, what if Star Wars: Episode VII goes on to topple the domestic (U.S.) and worldwide box office numbers of James Cameron’s, Avatar (2009)? A lot of fans would be cynical and say, well that’s just more money for Disney, doesn’t affect…


The Female Action Stars have Arrived!

The female action stars have arrived and I believe it is here to stay and that means that Star Wars and the rest of the galaxy is ready for a female lead in the sequel trilogy.  Obviously it is a little early to put Ms. Daisy Ridley up there with the likes of Scarlett Johansson…

Episode 59: Star Wars on Tap; the Pilot

Join us at the Cantina! Mike and Joao are accompanied by Chad, the newest addition to the Cantina Cast. Chad has been dubbed “Host” of the Cantina’s official audio blog; Star Wars on Tap. In this episode, the guys discuss the news by using the “Word Game,” filling in the ____. They confer about the…


Collecting with Joao, Issue 1

Hello there, Joao here and one of my series of blogs on the website will be reviewing certain collectibles I personally am able to pick up.  They will be reviewed both on quality and economical value on a five star system.  It won’t be overly technical.  Think of it as a blog for the everyman…

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