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Ryder’s Rebels Review—The Future of the Force

The red blades are coming! But so are the white blades. As “The Future of the Force” begins, the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother are on a mysterious secondary mission to find various children and eradicate them. While Ahsoka goes to investigate what trouble the inquisitors caused aboard a transport ship, she sends Kanan,…


Ryder’s Rebels Review: Stealth Strike

In Star Wars Rebels “Stealth Strike” the strike is anything but stealth, but it is definitely entertaining. As we catch up with the rebels this week, Commander Sato and Ezra Bridger are looking for a missing rebel patrol. But nothing is ever that simple for the rebels. As soon as Ezra senses that something is…


Ryder’s Rebels Review–Wings of the Master

As “Wings of the Master” opens, Phoenix Squadron, led by Hera in the Ghost, is attempting to deliver some much needed supplies to supporters of the Rebel Alliance on Ibaar only to run into an Imperial blockade. With Agent Kallus at the helm, the Empire’s fleet of Star Destroyers and TIEs destroys the rebel transport…


Ryder’s Rebels Review: Always Two There Are

Can discipline overcome the lack of fairness in a fight? As “Always Two There Are” begins, Kanan is working with Ezra on using the force to levitate Chopper. At Sabine’s suggestion Chopper locks his feet down so that even a Jedi master probably couldn’t lift him with the Force. After Ezra struggles and can’t lift…


Luke Skywalker vs. Emperor Palpatine–Final Round

When we last left Emperor Palpatine’s throne room, Luke Skywalker had defeated Darth Vader in a lightsaber duel and cut off his hand. So that he wouldn’t be tempted and able to kill Vader, as Palpatine had hoped, Luke threw away his lightsaber, thus leaving himself defenseless to any attack by Palpatine. But did he…


Luke Skywalker vs Emperor Palpatine–Round 2

Last month, I began a dissection of the three parts of the psychological duel between Luke Skywalker and Emperor Palpatine that takes place on the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi. Emperor Palpatine won the first round by goading Luke into a lightsaber battle with Darth Vader. Palpatine broke Luke’s control of his…

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