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Episode 99: The Force Awakens PG or PG-13?

    We’re one away from 100…   In this episode: The Rebels Inquisitors (The Fifth Brother & Seventh Sister) Kathleen Kennedy comments on the saga films being about the Skywalkers family line. Our Prequels Strikes Back interviews The Mon Mothma blunder recap Mike picks another potential controversial character to be on Rebels The Force…



Lucky Number Seven No matter what your culture or traditions you tend to live your life by, the odds are, the number seven is significant. Psychologists have done an extensive amount of research and have discovered proof of our simpatico or compatibility, with seven, over and over again. That being said, all humans, no matter…


Revisiting The Clone Wars

I recently completed a full rewatch of The Clone Wars animated series — watching all the episodes in chronological order, as opposed to the original, broadcast order.  I had watched the show regularly as it aired on Cartoon Network and even saw the film in theaters.  I wanted to go back and revisit the show,…


New Types of Content Via Youtube

Hello to all the Cantina Patrons out there, I just wanted to take a minute to discuss the many new and exciting things we are planning here at The Cantina Cast. Starting with Episode 99 of the podcast, we will now be live streaming on Google Hangouts, which will then be uploaded to our Youtube…


Where is Luke Skywalker?

There is an article in Entertainment Weekly’s Fall Movie Preview edition that reveals how Kathleen Kennedy was able to convince J.J. Abrams to take the helm of the Star Wars Franchise. While most people would have accepted the offer before she even finished asking the question, J.J. Abrams needed some coaxing. So what finally reeled…


Were The Separatists actually that BAD?

The other night I sat watching the 8th episode in the Netflix original series ‘Narcos’, for those who have not seen it and is interested in crime shows, you should check it out. However, at the end of the episode, DEA Agent Steve Murphy said a quote that I wholeheartedly agree with, “Good and Evil…


Episode 98: Mon Mothma makes a blunder?

  Two episodes away from 100. In this Episode: tickets for The Force Awakens going on sale October 19? when will we see a trailer? Anthony Daniels talks again Battlefront Beta October 8th A Galaxy of Star Wars: Force Awakens books coming December 18th Hayden Christensen episode VIII rumors Cantina Patrons (Listener feedback) Aftermath interludes,…



BOOK REVIEW STAR WARS: AFTERMATH By Chuck Wendig   Synopsis: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … The Battle of Endor is over and the Rebel Alliance basks in their victory against the Imperials. The second Death Star has been obliterated and the reign of Emperor Palptine has ended — he…

LV face of defeat

Luke vs. Vader: When Did Luke Lose?

After examining the Luke/Darth Vader duel from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back in my last two posts, I wanted to try to answer the question: Exactly when did Luke lose the duel? There are several possible answers to this question. Naturally, we might automatically look to the end of the fight to…

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