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VENTRESS: The Darkside And The Light?

After reading the brilliant Dark Disciple, I delved back into The Clone Wars to see more of Ventress.  Something in the book intrigued me and I recognised a reoccurring theme — the amount of times Ventress has teamed up with Jedi and her compassion had got the better of her. Even if the ultimate purpose of…

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Vader Through The Looking Glass

  Picture the scene. It’s a Saturday night, the wife is out and you’re sitting on the sofa with your three year-old watching “The Seige of Lothal.” She suddenly looks up at you and says – in the strangely Yoda-esque syntax so beloved by little ones – “Why is he always looking out the window?”…

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Episode 89: The Usual Star Wars Conversation

Mike and Joao are joined by Marshall and Will from The Usual Podcast. Benecio Del Toro offered role of villain in Episode VIII? Adam Savage from MythBusters talks about 3D chess returning to TFA BattleFront News Hasbro Mission Series ( Speculation on the jungle planet described on the card back ) Review Vader #7, Kanan…

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A Losing Battle: Luke vs. Vader Part 1

As a martial artist and former theater major, I’ve always had a special interest in stage combat. (For a time, I even considered going to stunt school). Naturally, there’s much that goes into creating a quality fight choreography. But what really elevates a fight is good storytelling. One of the fights in the Star Wars…

Vaders Lifts Palps

Luke Skywalker vs. Emperor Palpatine–Final Round

When we last left Emperor Palpatine’s throne room, Luke Skywalker had defeated Darth Vader in a lightsaber duel and cut off his hand. So that he wouldn’t be tempted and able to kill Vader, as Palpatine had hoped, Luke threw away his lightsaber, thus leaving himself defenseless to any attack by Palpatine. But did he…

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HOSTED BY THE BUFFALO BISONS A FANFARE OF CONTINUITY The game between the Buffalo Bisons and the Columbus Clippers began approximately around 6:00 p.m. this past Saturday night, but the continuity of Star Wars fanfare, graced the grounds of Coca-Cola field well before the ceremonial first pitch was thrown. For the city of Buffalo, this…


Spiraling Out of Control

Do you ever feel like your life is spiraling out of control? I know that I have…many times and under different circumstances. As difficult as that can be to go through, it is even more difficult to see a loved one go through this and nothing that you do can help. Sometimes the event/events that…

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What does Ahsoka really know?

With the season 2 premiere of Star Wars Rebels, we get the first interaction between Ahsoka and Anakin, now Darth Vader, since she walked away from the Jedi Temple.  Since the premiere, we are in no doubt that Darth Vader knows that it is Ahsoka who interacted with him using The Force. However, what does…


Five Documentaries Every Star Wars Fan Should See

When people think about documentaries about films they usually stop with “behind the scenes” type documentaries that tell the story of the production of the film. There are many great Star Wars documentaries to choose from including The Making of Star Wars (1977), The Empire Strikes Back: SPFX (1980), and A Conversation with the Masters:…

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