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Dissection Series


Episode 116: The Han Solo Dissection Part 1

  Mike and Joao welcome Cantina Cast blogger Ted to help them do one their most anticipated character dissections, Han Solo. In this Episode: The Han Solo we meet in A New Hope Han shooting first Jabba confronting Han Han and The Falcon Han Solo the Atheist? Han meets Leia Han comes back to help…


Episode 96: Luke’s failure at the cave

    Mike and Joao are getting closer to that magical milestone of episode 100.   In this Episode: The U.S. complains about the U.K. getting The Force Awakens a day before the U.S. The SWEU controversy is getting ugly again Post credits Rogue One clip after The Force Awakens Shattered Empire #1 review Luke…


Episode 94: The Obi-Wan Dissection Part II

In part two of the Obi-Wan dissection Mike and Joao welcome Cantina Cast blogger Paul to analyze his favorite character. In this episode: Obi-Wan and Duchess Satine Obi-Wan and Anakin’s relationship at the end of the Clone Wars Episode III Episode IV Episode V Episode VI If you have any comments our questions for the…


Episode 91: The Obi-Wan Dissection Part I

Mike and Joao are joined by Cantina Cast blogger Andy to dissect one of the holy saga’s most beloved characters, Obi-Wan. In this episode: Episode I Obi-Wan Episode II Obi-Wan Young Obi-Wan’s fighting skills Obi-Wan the right choice for Anakin? Was Obi-Wan selfish?   If you have comments or questions for the show, send it…


Episode 86: The Legacy of Count Dooku

  Welcome to the Cantina Cast! Join Mike and Joao as they ‘pop the cork’ of a vintage bottle of Serenno wine in honor of Count Dooku, portrayed by the late, Sir Christopher Lee. Before they fill their glasses and say a toast, they go over the latest Star Wars news. So … ‘Bottoms Up’…

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