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Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 Highlights

Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 Highlights

Last weekend, I attended Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 in London. It was 3 plus days of non-stop Star Wars fun and excitement! Below are just some of the highlights from this awesome Star Wars event:



Highlights from #Cantina

Highlights from #Cantina

This was a party for Star Wars fans held at the O2 Brooklyn Bowl the night before SWCE opened. My husband, brother, and I paid a small ticket price of £19.77 each to attend this event. There were three bands in total: Blues Harvest, Darth Elvis, and the Imperials that were BOTH awesome and included guest musicians, like David Collins, who played both the Guitar and the drums. Of course, the headliner Ash, blew us away with their breathtaking music and Star Wars related skits; such as a young girl dressed as Rey fighting and defeating one of the band members dressed as Kylo Ren!


Rey vs Kylo Ren

Rey vs Kylo Ren



Patty with David Collins

Patty with David Collins

I had a great time listening to the music, watching the running of the Hoods, and meeting and greeting online friends, and Star Wars Celebrities including the host of the Galaxy Stage, David Collins! I sure hope that they do this again for Star Wars Celebration Orlando next April!

Ahsoka’s Untold Tales


Ashley's reactions like this are priceless

Ashley’s reactions like this are priceless

Other than Rogue One and the Star Wars Rebels panels, this is the panel I just HAD to attend. I am SO glad I was able to attend this panel! I learned a lot about Ahsoka’s background including what her family life was like before Plo Koon came to take her to the Jedi Temple. In addition, I learned more about what was planned for this awesome Star Wars character including a romantic relationship with a scoundrel. What made this an awesome panel was Ashley Eckstein’s reactions to every revelation. Like her, I was surprised, pleased, and saddened by what was revealed during the panel.


This annual event celebrates one our favorite Star Wars characters, Ahsoka. Also our hope that she will again show up in future Star Wars stories. This fan event, organized by fellow fangirls Amy Radcliff, Johnamarie Macias, and Savanna Kiefer, included a photo op at Star Wars Celebration with Ashley Eckstien, Dave Filoni, and Amy Ratcliff. If you were not able to attend Star Wars Celebration, then fans could still participate by sharing their love of this awesome character via social media.


#AhsokaLivesDay on the Star Wars Live Stage

#AhsokaLivesDay on the Star Wars Live Stage

Like many Ahsoka Fangirls and Fanboys who were at Star Wars Celebration Europe, I made sure that I participated in #AhsokaLivesDay event. However, to my surprise, this became something more than expected. The photo op turned into a walk onto the Star Wars Live Stage for the whole world to see via the live stream. Thank You to the folks on the Star Wars Live team that made this possible for those lucky enough, like me, to do so.

Star Wars Rebels

Due to the fact that my husband and I missed getting a wristband for the Rogue One panel, we woke up at 5AM on Saturday morning to walk over to the make sure we picked up a wristband for the Star Wars Rebels Panel. I am happy to report that our efforts paid off and we were able to attend this panel. We really enjoyed attending this panel which included: the Season 3 trailer, the reveal of Grand Admiral Thrawn to the show, and the first 2 episodes of Season 3. As I mentioned on Twitter, these episodes were excellent and makes me want to see more NOW! Like last year, I am not able to share much about these episodes. However, as I mentioned via Twitter, the only comment I can make at this time about these episodes is…

Kanan learns more about the Force and Ezra still has a lot to learn.

Mark Hamill


Mark Hamill answering a fan's question about Episode VIII

Mark Hamill answering a fan’s question about Episode VIII

My husband and I missed getting a wristband for Mark Hamill’s panel on Friday. Because of the crowds, I really did not believe I would have any hope of seeing him during Celebration, except for on the live stream. However, just before the end of the show day on Saturday, Mark Hamill showed up on the Star Wars Live Stage with an unexpected talk and Q&A session.

This conversation lasted for about a half hour and Mark even picked me to ask a question. I asked him a question about him being happy to have more lines in Episode VIII than he did for Episode VII. Mark mentioned that this question was clever and devious and went into a monologue on why he cannot even answer that simple question until the film is released. Unfortunately, the question I asked and the long, complicated answer Mark Hamill gave, did not make the live stream because it was preempted by another panel. Therefore, all I have from this experience are the pictures I took and of course my memories.

Loth Cats

I usually do not brave the Star Wars Celebration Store and leave that to the die hard collectors and fans who can out up with the lines. However, I heard that the Celebration Store was selling Loth Cats. I immediately decided that my glee in getting a Loth Cat all for myself, outweighed my fear of the lines. The good news is that I was able to get into the line right when the show opened for the day on Saturday morning. There was a wait, but it was not enough for me to give up. Therefore, I am now a happy Fangirl with a Loth Cat!

Live Podcasts


Star Wars Report and Fangirls Going Rogue live on the OneForce Stage

Star Wars Report and Fangirls Going Rogue live on the One Force Stage

I originally planned to attend four podcast panels. However, one podcast I missed entirely due to an unexpected opportunity, sorry BlabbaTheHutt, and the other I was late for because of well…Loth Cats! Therefore, I only attended two live podcasts instead of the 4 originally planned during the weekend. Those podcasts I did attended were fun, informative and had some great guests as well.

So did you attend SWCE or watched the live stream?

If so, then what at some of your favorite moments or highlights?

Are you planning on attending Star Wars Celebration Orlando?

The Cantina Cast

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