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The Future of Star Wars, Part 2 (or how I’m not worried about Saw Gerrera or Non Film characters in the cinematic SW universe)

Last month I tossed out my idea for a Boba Fett movie followed by a subsequent live action Netflix series following the best known Mandalorian Bounty Hunter from a galaxy far, far away. We’re all still taking in the revelation of Forest Whitaker’s role as Clone Wars character Saw Gerrera in the upcoming “Rogue One”. While I have zero opposition to this premise of using Clone Wars characters in any way shape or form in the mainstream films, I know some may not feel so comfortable in this assessment. That’s okay, Disney isn’t going to please everyone every time (‘John Carter’ anyone?). But with all the content they’re now under control of, not just from the original trilogy, prequel trilogy plus the Clone Wars, there’s plenty of other characters for them to mine.

As I touched on last month, while I can only hope and pray a live action ADULT Star Wars series is developed on Netflix, I also hope Disney loosens their ‘restraints’ some and allows for some looser interpretations on the big screen. Now I’m not saying I want a full on Star Wars comedy film or a romantic tale, but let’s not forget the house of the mouse is usually guilty of producing solely ‘family friendly fare’. The Han Solo film may have some comedic elements, but I do hope it is more action oriented. Obviously the greatest hope is that Ahsoka Tano will grace the big screen. I, too, would like to see this and I still maintain that a showdown between herself and Vader at the onset of “Rogue One” would be a great opening. The crew of the Ghost has to die sometime. right?

Additionally, there’s still plenty of opportunities to tell other ‘Star Wars stories’ in different time frames. I would not be surprised to see Disney attempt to squeeze in some other films set before the original trilogy, especially if “Rogue One” does well and more so if Vader’s presence in it only boosts it. I’m going to presume Lucasfilm has already dubbed James Earl Jones reading dictionaries and countless other tomes to maintain a virtual library of his dulcet tones so that for perpetuity they’ll be able to splice together any Vader dialogue they might need. Who knows, maybe “Demise of the Ghost” will be the next Star Wars prequel in a few years, to precede “Rogue One”.

boba Fett cartoon

Boba Fett cartoon circa 1978

Getting back to Boba, there’s always Death Watch too. What’s better than ONE Mandalorian than MORE Mandalorians! Of course, this also brings up what I truly think is going to be the greatest unexplored and underutilized part of the Star Wars universe for Disney: the period far before the original trilogy. Maybe not the Old Republic but perhaps a few hundred years before what we know. Perhaps this might be the gist of the oft-rumored ‘young Yoda’ film? Yoda gives Disney a character who is half a century old, has been a Jedi for most of that time would also allow for other Jedi to be introduced. Since Disney has basically thrown out everything that Dark Horse comics published this gives them free reign to reinvent the backstory of the galaxy and they’d be foolish not to. While I know some fans bemoan this, it is what it is, so get over it. There’s still plenty of familiarity in the Star Wars universe to come back to. Coruscant has been a longstanding presence in the history of the Star Wars galaxy so that planet, along with others would still allow for the story team to keep recognizable locales to stop on or mention.

I also think that Disney isn’t going to completely abandon everything that was good from the ‘Legends’ line. If there’s one thing Disney has excelled at over the years is exploring and exploiting what is viewed as the hot commodity. I am not yet discounting that Thrawn has been forgotten like a set of speeder keys in the Tatooine desert. Dark Empire I & II were also great comic series. While no one yet knows where the saga goes after episode 9, I still maintain that Disney could milk and reinvent / recycle some of these characters for future films. Listen, 4 of this year’s top 10 films are from Disney so they know what they’re doing nowadays. They’ve become quite adept at identifying what works, what doesn’t and what the fans want. Do I think they may stumble on a film or two? Perhaps they will, but in the grand scheme of things and when compared to their success with the Marvel brand, I think Star Wars is going to be fine. Especially if I get a Rex film, “Old Man Rex”.

I also firmly believe that there’s ample opportunity to explore other Sith lords be they from the Legends line or new canon. When you pay $4 Billion dollars for a property, you’re damn well going to attempt to triple your return. If you use the Marvel acquisition which was also $4 billion (and gave big D probably just as many endless characters to exploit); they’ve made eight films with a worldwide cume of $7.8 billion. They’ve got roughly 4 more Marvel films coming out within the next 18 months sure to push that total to over $10 billion. I can assure you Disney will do it’s utmost to make Star Wars even more profitable. I maintain that as long as the story group and the executives allow/continue to hire the best writers, directors and actors for the roles then we as Star Wars fans will be content. It’s more than Lucas ever gave us in his waning years.

The Cantina Cast

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