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The Force: And Now, It Calls To You

“That place… is strong with the dark side of the Force. A domain of evil it is. In you must go.” “What’s in there?” “Only what you take with you.” ―Yoda and Luke

Each Star Wars trilogy has a hero, a villain, and the battle between good versus evil, but in the midst of all that, there is a calling – beckoning to be answered. While that’s always seemed to be a straightforward expectation the question that is now, in my opinion, a “game-changer” to the known themes previously established in the first two trilogies is: The Call Itself. Meaning, has the Force deviated from its original state? No longer resonating within the light, but rather, phasing back-and-forth between the light and the dark, or whichever half serves its will at that given time?

Of course, the above can only work if the Force itself is a free entity of its own accord. Meaning, does it need a Force wielder to call upon it and give it direction? There are some that choose to believe the Force can act on its own and that in fact, the Force has already chosen a destiny or path for those that embody its power. As for me, I’m still on the fence, but starting to lean towards the latter as of late.

Now if I may, go back to the opening introduction of this conundrum and the cave, umm … is it a cave? Funny, all these years we have deemed it a cave, “The Domain of Evil,” in which Luke is instructed to enter as per Yoda. But looking at it closer and with fresh eyes, so to speak, it’s a trunk of a tree … Yes, a tree and it seems trees are becoming a new focal point of the Force or perhaps, it’s always been there and we have just failed to take note of it.

That said, regardless of the crazy fan theories, trees have always played a huge role in mythology, religion, and all cultures in our world, so why not in the galaxy far, far away? It is said that trees can absorb negative force and transform them into good energy. Is this what happened to Luke when he entered the cave beneath the tree on Dagobah? And granted, while it’s only depicted in Legends, Yoda did have a vision that a young Anakin Skywalker, accompanied by Qui-Gon Jinn had visited the same cavern that we see Luke experience his vision or calling to the Force. The only difference is, Luke takes his weapon, his father’s lightsaber, against Yoda’s wishes: “Your weapons. You will not need them.”


Luke’s Jedi Trials | Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

As we know, the Force resides in many things. Its energy binds us and yes, even within the lightsaber. So my question is: did Luke alter the destiny of the Force by bringing the saber into this “Domain of Evil?” Why do I ask this? Well, think about where this weapon has been, what it has done, and the amount of residual energy surrounding it. Then take all of that and place it within one of the most potent, dark sided places in existence. And not to mention what Yoda says, “The cave, remember your failure at the cave.”

Fast forward some … 32 years later, give or take a year, and once again the Force is calling:

“That lightsaber was Luke’s. And his father’s before him. And now it calls to you.” ―Maz Kanata, to Rey

Like Luke and his father before him (Legends or not), Rey too descends underground, encased in wildlife and yes, trees. The lightsaber, yes, the very one that Luke brought into the cave and was instructed not to, acts as a conduit and the energy within it jolts through Rey’s body in a tidal wave of Force vivacity. So much so, it literally knocks her down and her response is nothing like we have ever seen in the previous films.

“I shouldn’t have gone in there.” – Rey

Is it fear? Or is it instinct telling her that something is a bit … off? I don’t know, but I’m beginning to wonder if that lightsaber is tainted with the dark side. Hence, Luke’s face at the end of The Force Awakens when Rey presents it to him. I don’t know, but Luke looks anything but thrilled to see it again. As Obi-Wan once said to Anakin, “this weapon is your life.” Somehow, that line has a new meaning and it’s kinda funny, in a twisted way.

Oddly enough, here’s a thought and no, this is not my musing, but one that was brought to my attention by an audience member from our Star Wars Panel this past April. He reminded me, that every time the Skywalker saber is returned, it’s always by Kenobi. So how does that change things at the end of The Force Awakens?

To tree, or not to tree, that is the question. So please, get at me and let me know what you think. Fly Straight!


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